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CD Franklin Caesar "A Driven Spirit"
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CD Franklin Caesar "A Driven Spirit"

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Op de Cd “A Driven Spirit” zijn alle composities van de hand van bandleider Franklin Caesar Breeveld. Op zijn eerste album krijgen de nummers een vernieuwend idioom door de inbreng van collega’s uit Zuid-Amerika, de Cariben, Europa en Afrika.


  1. Prince of Peace
  2. Angeliq
  3. A beautiful morning
  4. Seize the moment
  5. Serenity after the battle
  6. Lobi Safri
  7. Victory Dance
  8. New Ground to Conquer
  9. A Driven Spirit
  10. Return of the Prince of Peace


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Liner notes:

The gifted multi-instrumentalist, Franklin Caesar Breeveld combines a depth of sensitivit and intensity that results in a level of mastery on soprano, tenor and flute that is rarely seen in one person. This music has all the qualities to prove enduring in the future, but at present it is above all to be enjoyed.

Humphrey Silos Polanen

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